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Burge Smith-Lyons — The Essence of Healing and Growth

Employing all the tools for transformation

There are many gifted healers, educators, coaches and trainers in the world of personal development, but few with the diversity of expertise of Burge Smith-Lyons and her holistic Essence of Being™ programs.

Burge is a leader in the world of mind-body-spirit healing and growth. Her gifted work includes helping veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder, ministering to teens and families with troubled relationships or empowering individuals to realize abundance in health, wealth and love.

With more than 34 years experience as an educator, Burge created the Essence of Being programs for maximum effectiveness using a wide-range of techniques. Her trademark is helping people identify "Bubble Talk" — unconscious, negative self-talk that is making them sick, harming their relationships and limiting their prosperity.
It's a topic Burge knows from personal experience. Years ago she was a divorced single mom living out of her car with 2-year-old. Today she is a millionaire, happily married for 12 years with a son at NYU. Her compelling true-life, rags-to-riches story has equipped her as a trusted teacher to thousands of people around the world seeking to transform their own lives for the better.

To help people young and old identify their Bubble Talk, Burge uses "Super Learning" involving the whole brain and tapping into their whole being — spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Developed in the late 1960s by Bulgarian psychiatrist Greorgi Lozanov, Super Learning works by activating the left and right brain back and forth, allowing participants to absorb faster, learn more and retain it through higher attention.

Super Learning is just one of many tools in the Essence of Being tool kit. Participants in workshops, seminars and camps also learn through games, role-playing, and processes and experiences. These include firewalks, breath work, channeling and other techniques expertly employed by Burge and her staff.

All of these techniques aim toward a common goal: to help participants overcome old habits, patterns and attitudes blocking them from health, happiness and prosperity. Graduates of Essence of Being courses from around the world testify to the effectiveness of these programs.

"They leave opened up and with tools that work in the 'real world' to move forward in their business or personal lives," Burge says.

Burge runs her programs with a staff of expert facilitators that includes her husband, Bradley H. Lyons. He has more than 20 years experience working as a corporate facilitator, consultant and coach and as a group leader /facilitator working with at-risk youth. The programs are based at her Center for Awareness inAtlanta, with training centers in Atlanta, Miami, Asheville, N.C., Boston and Rhode Island.

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To find out more, visit the public Web site at http://www.essenceofbeing.com.


Essence of Being™
"It's undeniable. It's indescribable. It's Essence of Being- just do it! This workshop transformed my outlook on life. It's that good!"
- LeGrande Green, four-time Emmy winning producer with the Oprah Winfrey Show, president of Spirit MediaWorks

"Two years ago... I was awash with shame, guilt, and self-pity – none of which belonged to me. You helped me release that which no longer served me [and] helped me to be free again."
- Ian, Atlanta, Lockheed Engineer

"The Essence of Being workshop is a powerful spiritual breakthrough vehicle that opened me to a deeper sense of passion and self-expression. It was in this training that I experienced a gentle transformation like the brush from an Angel`s wings."
- Rev. Kevin Ross (Rev. Kev), author, minister, and peak performance coach, Kevinrossspeaks.com

"Up until now, I had thought I was going to have to 'go it alone,' but being with all of you convinced me that there are definitely others out there of like minds (and spirits) and that my partner is alive and well and looking for me too! I attracted my now husband and am happily married."
- Karen M., Hilton Head, Grant Writer

After attending EOB I'm aware that I've been so focused on the outcome, on the goal, on the immediate task that I've been missing the joy in the journey. The message I received loud and clear was, "Trust and Embrace the Dance." And that is my new way of living. Today, I am paying attention to now. Today I do my best to live in the moment, to really be present with the people in my life and with myself. The results have been extraordinary. My husband suddenly seems more loving and attentive. I am enjoying my family and friends more than ever. I feel connected with people. I know it's not them that magically changed. It's me. And it comes from my experience at EOB. Without that experience I wouldn't have had this breakthrough. EOB is not just a workshop. It is a transformational experiencethat helped me see what I couldn't see on my own and connected me with a community who support me in continuing that transformation.
-Trish Carr, Women's Prosperity Network

"As a Transformational Life Coach myself I am not easily impressed. Burge and the Essence of Being workshop blew me away. I had thought I had done all the work, but this course helped me peal yet another layer off; allowing me to touch into the most vulnerable places with fearlessness and grace. Essence of Being is the most creative, unique, and life changing workshop I have ever taken. I have, and will continue to, recommend this to everyone I know and work with."

- Jennifer Grace, Hay House Author and Radio Show Hos

"I'm flying! Getting around is so much easier when you're not dragging around a bunch of guilt that wasn't yours to begin with. The release of dropping that load is indescribable."
- Bob K., Retired Military, Atlanta

"If you want to make a major life shift, this workshop provides the tools."
- David M., Computer Instructor, Atlanta

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Kids Power Kamp

"I know I am unique and I can make friends easily."
- Dustin age 12

"My 13 year old daughter said it was the first time in her life she felt comfortable being herself."
- Janie Lasik, Atlanta, Ga.

"I was able to talk to my mom for the first time and speak my truth. It was the first time I made her cry just by talking to her and telling her how much I appreciated her."
- Jared age 16

"Kids Power Camp changed a lot for me. It changed the way I view life. All my fears were overcome and I learned how to talk to people in a patient calm way. I learned that everything is for a purpose and that I was made for a purpose. Life is worth living and we all deserve the best friends ever. I felt I could be myself for the first time ever."
- Amanda age 13

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